[Travel]5 Things you can do like a Local in Korea

22 Oct 2023
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Welcome to "Koreabylocal," your friendly local travel agency in Korea! I'm excited to share with you some insider tips on how to explore Seoul like a true local. Here are five fantastic experiences you must try when you visit this vibrant city

1. Explore Seoul's Royal Palaces with an Audio Guide  

- Seoul is home to four magnificent historic royal palaces, each a testament to the city's rich history.  There are 4 main historic royal palaces in Seoul and a must-see attraction in the city. If you walk like a local, just rent an Audio Guide only 1,000 won!  To really dive into the stories behind these architectural wonders, rent an Audio Guide. It's a small price to pay for a wealth of information at your fingertips! 

2. Stroll through Yeon-nam-dong Street near Hongdae 

 -  Located near Hongdae, Yeon-nam-dong Street is a hip and happening spot. It's a newer area buzzing with shops, diverse dining options, and an array of street food. Perfect for soaking up the local urban culture!  

3. Morning Jogging along Cheonggye Stream 

- The Stream is not only a hot attraction for foreign tourists but also a recreational area for families and office workers who work nearby. Start your day with a refreshing jog along Cheonggyecheon Stream. It's not only a popular spot for tourists but also a beloved recreational area for local families and office workers. A serene way to experience the city's natural beauty amidst its urban landscape.  


4.Experience Korean BBQ with Convenient Delivery Service  

 - food delivery is a unique culture in Korea, you can deliver any kind of food to hotel, guesthouse and even when you in Han river!

5. Spend a Day at the National Museum of Korea 

- This is the largest museum in South Korea, boasting an extensive collection of artifacts showcasing Korean history and culture. Spend a whole day here to truly appreciate its amazing exhibitions. It’s a different experience when you explore it at a leisurely pace, possibly missing out when rushed.  

And the best part? You can enjoy all these experiences with our friendly local hosts! They'll add that extra touch of authenticity to your adventure. Check out more at Koreabylocal.com Experiences and get ready to immerse yourself in the heart of Korea with us. Your unforgettable Seoul adventure awaits! ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ทโœจ

โ€ปPhoto Credit : Korea Tourism Organization

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